Capturing whimsy and wonder through motion graphics.
In Motion          
Tools: After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Cinema 4D

Midnight In Paris         
Weaving the vibrant essence and irresistible allure of the City of Lights, this title sequence introduces the stellar cast of 'Midnight In Paris'.

A quirky animation that uses the perspective of several molecules to explore the concept of life's journey and the search for identity in the face of fate.

This project was featured at Denver Digerati in 2022
Supernova 7th Dimension - Denver Digerati︎

Monday Mornings          
In a whimsical world, a sleepy hero faces the relatable struggles of Monday mornings, contending with rain and racing against time.

An Angry Tomato            
Witness the explosive journey of an angry tomato whose patience unravels when a pesky bee pushes it to burst into a splash of frustration.

Something’s Fishy          
An animated exploration of renowned artist René Magritte and his masterpiece.

Personal Branding          
Through this logo, I unveil the essence of my creative practice as a designer.

Dreaming In The False Mirror          
An animated exploration of René Magritte’s painting, The False Mirror.

Conversations Of Creation            
Exploring the contrast between human and machine consciousness.

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